The Style your Dreams podcast is for women who are ready to fulfill their dreams and take their look and life to the next level. Host Keri Blair has been a personal stylist and branding expert to some of the top CEOs and executives for over 20 years. Her passion is to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Your time is now and together we will transform the way you see yourself and what’s possible for you. We’ll talk about personal branding, fashion and beauty tips, self care, travel, parenting and anything else to help you fulfill your dreams!.

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Listeners' Favorites

Ep. 32 : Your Next 10 Years

Dive into the next decade with reflections on milestones, long-term planning, and embracing positivity

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Ep. 33 : The Power of Belief

Explores the power of belief in achieving dreams, practical strategies for maintaining unwavering faith in oneself.

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Ep. 23 : Being True to Yourself

Discover the power of staying true to yourself and the importance of authenticity in personal style and beyond.

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