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That’s right.  You are committed to living a big, rich, full life that makes a difference for others and you are READY to step into the best version of yourself NOW.

You know there is more JOY, ABUNDANCE, LOVE, AND JUICYNESS for you and you are READY for it!  

Let’s do this!


3 Ways We Can Start Together

Online Courses

I’ve developed these courses to help you take the leap and transform your life NOW. Whether you need help on the inside or outside, I’ve got you covered.


1-on-1 Coaching

I work with Passionate, Difference Makers who are ready to break through their limiting beliefs and self talk for who they have always been meant to be.



It's where I share bi-weekly inspiration for the life you desire NOW, empowering you to take action and create the reality you've always dreamed of.


Hello! Keri here

Master Mindset Coach and Personal Stylist

For me, life’s too short to question yourself, doubt yourself or listen to the negative thoughts going on in your mind day in and day out.  You deserve to live your BEST life!  Love who you are on the inside and LOVE what you see on the outside.  When your inner essence and your outer presence match…..


My favorite part of my job is working with successful women with big goals and dreams breakthrough whatever is stopping them to achieve all that they want from this amazing life.  These women are conscious, difference makers and are ready to take their lives to the top.  UP, UP and only UP! 

The work we do together is deep, meaningful and life changing.

Are you ready to step into who you were always meant to be?   NOW?

Let’s take a quantum leap together and integrate you for your next chapter.

I work with Passionate, Difference Makers who are ready to break through their limiting beliefs and self talk for who they have always been meant to be.

Whether you are a business owner, CEO, high level executive or a woman who strives for this and much more, I’m your partner.  Together we will take you to the TOP!

I pride myself on making a profound difference in people’s lives, bringing out their true character with a one-of-a-kind approach.

The most fulfilling aspect of my work is helping individuals find their authenticity and create an extraordinary life – whether they’re doing it for personal or professional reasons. 

Read My Story

Fantastic experience! Keri and her team were so helpful and supportive. I felt like a new person afterwards! Everything moved like clockwork, I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. This is the only way to go!

- N Hilsman

Keri Blair & her team are so wonderful & professional to work with! AllForFunds has enjoyed working with Keri Blair over the past few years. We cherish our business relationship with Keri Blair & would highly recommend Keri Blair Style Studio to clients & friends.

- AllforFunds Colorado

Keri is absolutely amazing at what she does. When it comes to what I wanted and even what I didn't know what I wanted, she nailed it! The whole process was fun and even the people she has that make up her team are amazing. Working with Keri is more than just about getting an updated style, it's stepping into a fuller part of yourself that you might not have thought was possible before. The presence that I am now in my career and relationships has totally shifted.

- Melissa

10 Simple Ways to Shift Your Mindset and Elevate Your Life 


Are you ready to take your life from good to great or better yet…..AMAZING.

Here are 10 simple ways to Shift Your Mindset and Elevate Your Life
Each of these 10 strategies has the potential to revolutionize your life, guiding you towards greater happiness, fulfillment, and success. If you use all of them.....

You will be UNSTOPPABLE!

So, are you ready to start on this journey of self-discovery and transformation? Let’s dive in and start changing your mindset and your step at a time.

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Mastering Your Mindset For a Life of Excellence

It takes an intention and high vibration to manifest your dreams.  If you do test simple practices every day…… The universe will open up and say yes.


Your Curated Style

The 6-Week Wardrobe Transformation that will change your life!

Your very own personal stylist teaching you everything you need to know to have an impeccable style and love the way you look.


Design Your Signature Style

Transform Your First Impression and Redefine your Destiny in 2024


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